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Mechanical engineering 

At the forefront of mechanical engineering education, we offer a distinguished array of courses that cultivate expertise and innovation, shaping the next generation of engineers to master complex challenges and lead advancements in the field

Available courses 

Setting the gold standard in mechanical engineering education, our institution offers unparalleled depth with meticulously crafted courses, delivering a comprehensive learning experience that unravels the intricate complexities of the field, preparing graduates for mastery and innovation.

3D Printing-Beginner 

Advanced Value Engineering

Air Compressor Overhauling

Air compressors

Alignment (Method & Application)

Artificial Lift Systems

AWS Weld Inspection

AWS_CSWIP Fundamentals of Non-Destructive Testing

Basic Corrosion Control

Basic Corrosion

Basic Value Engineering

Bearings & Lubrication

Centrifugal Compressor Operation & Maintenance

Centrifugal Compressor Training Level -2

Centrifugal Gas Compressor Operations and Maintenance

Centrifugal Pumps

Compressor Application, Design and Selection

Compressor Major Inspection Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Control Valves and ESD

Control Valves

Dynamic Analysis & Machine Foundation

Engineering Drawing , Codes And Standards

Engineering Standards, Technical Drawings and Equipment Specification

Fans & Blowers

Gas Turbine Frame 5 Maintenance & Inspection

Gas Turbine Operation, Maintenance & Inspection

Helicopter Landing Operators (HLO)

Helideck Assistant (HDA)

Hydraulic Systems

Knowledge of Material, Composite Material & Testing Equipment

Lifting Equipment Inspection & Testing

Maintenance Planning and Administration

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Managing Efficient Shutdown & Turnaround

Advanced Pumps Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Marine Measurement

Material Selection and Properties 11

Mechanical Engineering - Static

Mechanical Engineering for Non-Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineering Maintenance

Mechanical Engineering Piping

Mechanical Engineering Rotating  Equipment

Mechanical Seals & Dry Gas Seals

Mechanical Seals

Practical Machinery Vibration Monitoring & Predictive Analysis

Pump Centrifugal

Pump Positive Displacment

Pumps Maintenance & Mechanical Seals

Pumps Maintenance & Operations

Pumps, Blowers and Compressors

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Rotating Equipment

Rotating Machinery Vibration

Rotating Machinery, Turbine & Compressor Control

Safety Relief Valve Inspect ,Repair, Operation & Maintenance

SRP Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide

Steam Turbine Maintenance

Sucker Rod Pumping

Value Engineering Management

Valve Inspection and Maintenance

Valve Technology Design,Selection Application,Inspection & Trouble Shooting

Valve Technology Maintenance &T.S.

Valve Technology

Valve Types, Operations & Applications

Variable Drive Motors

Welding and Cutting Safety

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