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Logistics & Operations

Discover Logistics & Operations courses on our platform. These programs delve into the efficient management of supply chains, transportation, and operational processes. Gain insights into optimizing distribution, inventory, and overall operational strategies for seamless business functioning.

Available courses:

  • Advanced - Warehouse Management.

  • Basic  - Warehouse Operations

  • ICAO GCCA Airport Rescue & Fire fighting

  • Intermediate- Warehouse  Management

  • Introduction to oil & gas Industry

  • Introduction to Oil & Gas

  • Lifting Appointed Person

  • Maintenance Planning and Administration

  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

  • Maintenance

  • Managing an Oil and Gas Production Business

  • OPITO Offshore Helideck ER Team Leader

  • OPITO Offshore Helideck ER team member

  • OPITO Travel Safely by Boat

  • Overhead Crane Operator

  • Warehouse  Basics

  • Warehouse Management – Advanced

  • Warehouse Management - Intermediate

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