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Global Petroleum Training & Consultancy (GPTC) established in 2014 is a leading division of Global Petroleum Business & Trading (GPT), established in 1997. Committed to excellence, GPTC offers a diverse range of specialized career development and training solutions tailored to the evolving needs of professionals in the oil and gas industry and all other business industries . Our comprehensive courses, designed by industry experts, cover foundational skills, organizational management, cutting-edge technologies, and specialized engineering tuition.

Moreover, GPTC has established itself as a trusted representative for international organizations seeking lucrative business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With extensive access and strong relationships with top-tier businesses in the UAE, we facilitate connections, foster collaborations, and assist in forging strategic partnerships. By understanding the unique requirements of each organization, we provide personalized guidance, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the local market dynamics, regulations, and cultural nuances. From market research to regulatory compliance and strategic planning, GPTC's experienced professionals offer comprehensive support throughout the business expansion process. By choosing GPTC as their representative, international organizations gain a competitive advantage, capitalizing on unparalleled business opportunities and ensuring long-term success in the thriving UAE market.

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